Long Term Planning and Minimize Rezoning

No more band-aid solutions when it comes to growth plans for the district. Formulate a long-term outlook for the district and ensure all rezoning and feeder pattern adjustments are done toward that long term goal to minimize community impact.

Safe, Secure, Successful Schools

Provide every school with the mental health resources needed to improve student outcomes, harden school and classroom entrances, expand school marshal program and install active shooter monitors and alarms in every school.

Voice for our Teachers and Community

Let our teachers do what they do best: teach and inspire our kids. Let’s listen to their feedback and return to a three-tier structure to high school academic courses. We must also return trust in community engagement and bring transparency to committee work and focus groups and end faux community engagement.

Conservative Fiscal Stewardship

With the community having passed a nearly $1 billion-dollar bond, we need to ensure that this money is spent responsibly and projects are delivered on time and under budget. We also must ensure that tax dollars are spent wisely, maximizing dollars in direct service to students while minimizing staff overhead.

Hybrid Single Member Districts

It’s time to revamp how our Board of Trustees are elected. Allowing the entire district to vote for all seven representatives means we have, in effect, seven at-large representatives. Let’s modernize and bring representation closer to those they represent with a hybrid single member district structure.